Aeroponics: Nutrient delivery with Air

Nasa Article on Aeroponics. Can produce 3 times the yield of natural plants. Supernatural.


NASA:  Read the entire article pages 64-67 in Spinoff 2006+ View PDF, 9.6 MB

CSU Dr Jim Linden :


  • Light(ness) plants grow without soil. The only weight becomes the plants themselves because the water is mist.
  • Interesting look into ‘atomizing’ spray jets.
  • Efficient use of water, reducing resource consumption and waste.
  • Disease free environment 
  • No pesticides needed
  • Just plant & harvest 
  • Reuse all water and nutrients  
  • Faster growth & higher yields
  • Controlled environment
  • 60% less water, 90% less fertilizer, and NO pesticides necessary


  • Grow in air – accelerates growth 
  • Reuse all water and nutrients 
  • Programmable
  • Expandable
  • User friendly
  • Safe and easy use


  • Grow flowers, grains, and vegetables 
  • Start Trees and shrubs from cuttings
  • Soil-less seed germination
  • Air root plant cuttings
  • Rapid crop production 
  • Harvest the entire plant -roots & all

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