Growing crops on a film??

Using a film called hydromembrane

Seeds are planted in the hydromembrane which also contains a culture medium with all necessary nutrients and water for the plant to develop.

The plants develop a network of fine and dense roots closely attached to the material, and are able to fully develop using a mere one fifth of the water consumption needed in conventional soil based agriculture.

The system also forces plants to regulate more sugar and amino acids in order to grow which has the knock on effect of producing particularly high quality crops, tomatoes and strawberries grown using the Imec method are particularly sweet and contain higher nutritional values.


+ non-gravity, did grow in outer space, also upside-down, sideways, however you want

+ ultra lightweight by itself but extreme strong, can grow herbs, lettuce, tomatoes!

+ made out of hydrogel – can absorb water and nutrients and remains complete dry – doesn’t leak and thus can be incorporated with other systems

+ developed by japanese bio expert Yuichi Mori, and guess what, in 2011!


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