Thermoformed Plastics

OEM_pvc_transparent_plastic_Polyvinylchloride_vacuum_thermoforming  Arch2O-AIA-PAVILION-2011-GERNOT-RIETHER-16


Although I still wake up in cold sweats thinking about our first semester installation project, I do thoroughly recommend custom thermoformed plastics for may applications.


  • Cheap (depending on type of plastic used)
  • We already have a thermoformer at our disposal
  • We can create practically any shape we dream (thereby embedding the plastic with multiple functions)
  • We can make it structural or flexible
  • Transparency or opaqueness possible (can even create greenhouse effect for cold weather)




  • Molds can be expensive (so the shape needs to be created around economical molds)
  • Requires quite a bit of testing and trial/error to get a good final product
  • Can be labor-intensive

corrugated-transparent-plastic-texture-9692348   studded-draining-sheet-green-roofs-drainage-66390-2111685  644687 1235-architecture-design-muuuz-jacqueline-guillermain-luminaire-la-manta-verre-thermoforme-sable-0


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