LED Vertical Farming


Illumitex provided 100% of the LED lighting in this vertical farm. The installation utilized Eclipse light fixtures with F1 spectrum Surexi LEDs. The Eclipse fixtures are IP66 rated (waterproof), and deliver a custom spectrum from a single LED package. This video features both the germination room and the larger grow room.


• Greenhouse Lighting • Vertical Farming • Indoor Hydroponics • University R&D • Pharmacology Development


• Revolutionary U.S.A. designed and patented LED arrays
• Maximum light on plants, 50˚ precise square beam lenses
• Custom spectra for various species and growth periods
• Highest delivered PPF per watt than any other light
• Modular 360˚ Plug & Play, put light where you want it!
• LED is IP66 wet location rated vs. HID bulb explosion on water contact
• Unrivaled wavelength color uniformity and spectrums available
• Saves on Air Conditioning costs, Nutrients, Exhaust venting, Electricty
• BRIGHTER than Solar noon in the summer time
• Safe, Low voltage operation with no fire or electrocution hazards
• Long life LEDs with minimal depreciation of intensity
• Undetectable by FLIR or Smart Meters like HID bulbs
• Incredibly low power consumption, just 13 Watts ~ 0.001¢/hour
• Operatable from a small inverter for ‘off grid’ use in rural areas
• LED Development Partners w/ Syngenta Agri ($11 Billion Sales)
• Fast Return on investment, pay back in just a few months!


Diamond™ LED Lighting fixtures incorporate a patented, breakthrough class of Illumitex™ LEDs that are light years ahead of existing LED products that still use reflectors and antiquated glass light bulbs like HPS, Metal Halide & Florescent. The Diamond™ Horticulture LED fixture design eliminates the need for secondary lenses to control the patented square beam, while delivering maximum PPF to the targeted plants. The F1, F3, F6 and F7 Growth Spectra are very effective in spurring photosynthesis, producing stocky plants with short internodal distances, providing high flower and fruit production. The U.S.A. designed and patented Illumitex™ LED package design substantially reduces the total volume of the light engine, thereby allowing Agricultural and Horticultural engineers to create breakthrough lighting solutions with unrivaled optical performance. The Diamond™ Horticulture LED series also delivers breakthrough color uniformity ratios within the specified beam angle, and produces the sharpest light cut-offs available – providing no loss of light in the corners like traditional lighting. By incorporating the Illumitex™ patented Digital Distribution square beam control technology, Diamond™ LED modules put more light on the targeted plants than any other light package available.


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