Natures {2009} Audiovisual Installations Series


The Natures project consist in a series of multi-screen installation pieces and a live audio-visual performance in collaboration with musician Mira Calix and cellist Oliver Coates. Natures explores the dialogue between “the natural” and “the artificial”, creating a world where these two elements coexist harmoniously. Interpreting plants’ organic behaviours, computer-generated elements become part of the natural world and vice versa.
Commissioned by Faster Than Sound and Aldeburgh Music.


One thought on “Natures {2009} Audiovisual Installations Series

  1. I see the relationship between air, light and movement. What is interesting here is the wind, “the movement of air”, which provide plants Oxygen. The movement of plants will make something invisible visible and maybe this effect give us opportunity to express this idea architecturally.

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