Swarm Light, Responsive Lightings




Swarm Light is an experimental light installation created by rAndom International in collaboration Fredik Pretini with a real ‘collective consciousness’, subtly reacts to the viewer’s audible presence , which was made for the Art Basel design exhibition.

The installation consists of three huge LED cubes hanging from the ceiling. Each of the three cubes consists of 1000 LED modules, with tree LEDs each, organized without prescription drugs in a 3D grid. The installation has four microphones used to pick up sound from the audience in the room, so then it can perform a sound analysis to allow the swarm to react to varying noise levels.


I think this work is very interesting in terms of using the audience’s sound and the lighting keeps changing by itself according to different situations. Other lighting artwork by rANDOM International are also dealing with interaction between the artwork and ppl by using sounds and movements of ppl. You can check out more about their works here.( http://random-international.com/ )


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