Potential Resources/Contacts



1. The Harvard University Herbaria has an extensive collection of dried plant specimens and list of botanists and researchers.  

2. The Arnold Arboretum has a living plant collection that might be worthwhile to visit.

“The Arboretum strongly encourages and supports the use and distribution of its living collections for research. We can provide access to the plants growing in the collection, supply voucher herbarium specimens, furnish fresh or preserved tissue, or collect propagules…Note that permits are required for all research and collecting activity, and are issued following review. Access to the collections is provided free of charge, including the cost of shipping material. However, the use of a recipient’s courier account (FedEx preferred) is appreciated. For any requests that require intensive curatorial support, particularly over an entire growing season(s), we ask that scholars consider offsetting some of the costs.”

I have sent an email to the Curation Department describing the interests of our lab and research, and think there could be a potential opportunity for collaboration.  


Landscape with Edibles: Prunus maritima

Kristina Jones, Director of the Botanic Gardens and faculty member in biology and environmental studies at Wellesley College, visits the Arboretum to speak about beach plum, Prunus maritima. Interested in ecological approaches to growing food such as edible forest gardens, and partnering with permaculture experts to analyze productivity and sustainability of designed edible ecosystems, she will speak about the food value and horticultural uses of this stone fruit native to the eastern seaboard from New Brunswick to Virginia. Meet at Prunus maritima forma flava, Acc. 262-92*C on Peters Hill on Tuesday, September 17 at 5:30pm.


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