Chia – Beethoven Heads

wanted to see if there are ways to aggregate, or to let in more light into a chia seed holder.

These are the first attempts, using plexi and felt. The felt is sandwiched between two plexi plates.


This is a second attempt, using cotton. The cotton gives a nice transparency.


Then inspired by the idea of a head and silhouette, I made chia seed holders with the shapes of my favorite composers. There are two layers of plexi glass, and the felt is sandwiched in between. then the two plexi are press-fitted with little knobs and each other to keep the two plexi plates tight.

2013-09-18 23.29.13 

Day 1

IMG_4345  2013-09-18 23.42.59

Day 3

The heads sprouting:




IMG_4424 IMG_4426

I then turned the heads where the seeds on beethoven were facing the room, and the seeds on mozart were facing the window. Mozart sprouts had a very even and directional growth towards the sun, but the sprouts on Beethoven were much more confused and grew much closer to the surface.

Day 5


IMG_4433 IMG_4446


IMG_4434 IMG_4444


IMG_4432 IMG_4445


Day 6










Roots growing through the felt


Beethoven is a lot hairier than Mozart…

2013-09-23 21.15.42 2013-09-23 21.16.02

IMG_4498 IMG_4516



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