Deformable Structure Studies

Deformable structure studies from students in 1970:

deformed surfaces005 deformed surfaces004 deformed surfaces003 deformed surfaces002

deformed surfaces006 deformed surfaces007

deformed surfaces008 deformed surfaces010 deformed surfaces009

I chose to work with the first project type to investigate structural members meeting at pivoting joints.  This allows us the potential to start working with flat planes (on which plants may germinate) and then have it fold into a variety of forms and non-planar surfaces.

I started with a 9-square-grid and immediately found a large number of possible open and closed forms.

IMG_5993 IMG_5994 IMG_5995 IMG_5996

After finding these possibilities, I proceeded with a more thorough investigation.

Single Square:



IMG_6004IMG_6006 IMG_6008 IMG_6013 IMG_6014

5-Point Star


IMG_6023IMG_6018 IMG_6019 IMG_6021

6-Point Star




IMG_6030 IMG_6033 IMG_6037 IMG_6039 IMG_6044 IMG_6046 IMG_6048 IMG_6050 IMG_6051 IMG_6055 IMG_6059

BUT – how do we apply plants to a stretching/folding membrane.  One solution could be to attach substrates at points.  For instance, if the plants are growing off felt, separate pieces of this felt can be applied to the membrane and the stretching or creasing can occur between them.

IMG_6064 IMG_6065 IMG_6066


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