Project Proposal

1. System

A “soft wall” that uses a clear polyethylene film woven with translucent PET mats as the main growing medium. The sheets can be stitched together to create open pockets for vegetation (translucent/opaque) as well as closed pockets for water (transparent). Depending on the type of movement, the expansion of the pockets can be manipulated by mechanical pin joints or with elastic string.




2. Budget/Materials/Sources

 Sure to Grow PET Mats (4’ x 8’ x 0.5”)         $28/roll

Polyethylene Film (4’ x 100’x 0.004”)           $21/roll

Fishing wire (900 yds)                                    $5/roll


3. Site

In terms of funding, access and visibility, installing it on campus is the most realistic. Potential sites:



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