Plant Apertures

This is kind of a departure from where I last was, though the primary movement is still characterized by the process of expansion and contraction. Instead of the movement being directly controlled by a visitor, I think it would be interesting to have the movement of the other elements in the installation control the size of the apertures. Because this system with paper involves sliding surfaces over one another, which wouldn’t work if the surface was the substrate, I’m thinking of each element like a petri dish.

130926_post_Artboard 1130926_post-01

Test model (At the moment the movement is not very smooth just with paper, foam core and fish wire, but will test out rigid elements in the next iteration. Also, not sure if each of these modules should be inside an individual frame because of the changing edge):

photophoto (1)

Reference, Arab World Institute, Jean Nouvel:

IMG_4282 arab_world_institute_2


Potential plants. Was thinking of seeded plants, but maybe molds?






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