Kinetic Roof Research 1


In our last meeting we had been discussing kinetic structures, similar to the Calatrava Wave formation, that would be used to agitate algae through a series of hollow tubes.

We tested the concept in a model incorporating shifting weight, as seen in the video here:Kinetic Wave Research

The model brought up several concerns including budget, static weight, control over kinetic weight, and ease of fabrication.

We began exploring concepts that would allow us to minimize the amount of structure and use fewer mechanisms for movement, while still maintaining the function and visual aspects we desired.

This lead us to a membrane supported by two kinetic structure members and two stationary structural members.  Further the mechanism for movement has been shifted to the ground, to allow for less weight to be applied to the overall pavilion structure.

The functions of this concept can be viewed here:

Lastly, we have begun exploring the construction of this membrane.   We are currently considering a transparent film sandwiching semi-flexible tubes which will hold the algae.  The membrane can be quickly thermo-fused while the tube ensures that proper shape is retained for algae flow.


We are currently investigating the shape that this membrane should take between structural members to ensure that full range of motion is allowed without excess pleating/creasing of the membrane.




Overall configuration covering an area of 9′ x 9′



Division into 6 panels, and iteration of different tube density



Working budget taking into consideration sizes and material choices; detailed calculation available



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