Jie / Tyler ReCap

At the beginning of the semester, we worked separately on individual explorations.  Upon finding that our separate interests merged well together, we formed a partnership.

Tyler began with a series of lightweight material explorations.

6_ptw_Watercube_38 translucent_250 Arch2O-AIA-PAVILION-2011-GERNOT-RIETHER-16 1235-architecture-design-muuuz-jacqueline-guillermain-luminaire-la-manta-verre-thermoforme-sable-07_la2

Jie began with investigating alternative growing strategies.

GrowingPlantsWithoutSoil PIC_MarkMiller_1

20130912-141414.jpgb30dd37b024f95203a5d884708879870_large green-wheel-futuristic-garden

Both team members found individual interest in kinetic sculptures and explored different artists for precedents.

5 dzn_Hylozoic-Ground-by-Philip-Beesley-11

kinetic facadescreen-shot-2012-09-10-at-8-23-35-pm patterns choe4

Interested in developing schemes for overall kinetic structures, Tyler began thoroughly investigating deformable structures through model explorations.

IMG_6029IMG_6059 IMG_6051IMG_6050IMG_6046 IMG_6044IMG_6039 IMG_6037IMG_6030  IMG_6023IMG_6008IMG_6014

Jie was also exploring kinetics, but through fluid undulations of surfaces in the Calatrava wave.

redwood_1 redwood_2 (1)6965064416_398f52c79a_z


A merger began when Tyler attempted to combine the Calatrava wave with the deformable structure.

IMG_6118 IMG_6115 IMG_6119 IMG_6120

Jie rationalized the kinetics of the wave as being a catalyst for distributing hydroponics.

M9-556 scan results001 lettuce-in-nft1 Screen-shot-2012-02-08-at-12.15.46-PM armsart

They began working together on roof schemes that would create fluid flows activated by movement…

20131001-000732.jpg 20131001-000748.jpg


….while hypothesizing on the multi-functional membranes this system would require.

20131001-000844.jpg 20131001-000853.jpg 20131001 201310012 201310013


Research into algae photo-bioreactors, and a desire to create spatiality, led us to form and function specificity.

Jeruz_Algaelink_Photo_Bio_Reactorc2eb5-conceptmodularalgaephoto-bioreactor00220131003 spiral scheme1 2 34 

We started learning about different species of algae and how to propagate them.


We also studied the complexities of flowing fluids through networks of hoses in 1-1 explorations.


This took us into our final design and construction exploration.




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